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How does the Service Work?

How to Begin: You simply telephone us to book a discussion about your problem using our low-call telephone number 0845 1279926 . A counsellor will phone you back. This preliminary session is FREE and you are under no obligation to continue if you feel this is not for you.

How to Book your First Session: If, after your preliminary session with the counsellor, you both agree that telephone counselling is appropriate, the counsellor will take your payment details. If you pay by credit card a telephone counselling session can be arranged straightaway at a time that is convenient to you.

The first session is charged at a flat rate of 19.50. Our friendly, professional, confidential telephone counselling service is operated within the BAC Code of Ethics by qualified and experienced counsellors. If you or your counsellor decide that telephone counselling is not appropriate then we will fully refund your payment for this first session.

Note: because the caller normally pays for the call , details of the telephone call may appear on the individuals itemised telephone bill. If this presents a difficulty we are able to provide access to freephone counselling or we can telephone you for each session at a small additional cost (5.50 per session).

Number of Sessions:

After the preliminary session, we would normally agree a number of sessions and their duration, typically six, after which point we would arrange a review.

 Frequency of Sessions:

 Normally these will be weekly or two weekly by arrangement. These can be arranged more frequently for short crisis situations.

Length of Session:

Normally 30 minutes to 1 hour. Cost: The cost is 19.50 for a thirty minute session, 39.00 for an hour.


The review gives you an opportunity to feedback to the counsellor how you feel about the sessions so far, whether the pace was right and to plan what future sessions or support you may need. If ongoing telephone counselling is not appropriate, the counsellor may refer you to an appropriate support agency.

Counselling Contract:

For full details of our counselling contract click here.

Missed Sessions:

Provided that you give our counsellor the required 24 hours notice of any sessions that you are unable to keep, the session will be re-arranged at a convenient time and there will be no charge. If you do not give us notice, you pay 50% of the agreed sessional rate i.e. 19.50 for a cancelled 1 hour session. .

We provide telephone counselling for a wide range of problems including:

  • anxiety
  • health
  • relationships /marital
  • work/career
  • stress
  • illness and disability
  • parenting issues
  • redundancy & retirement
  • emotional
  • alcohol & drug abuse
  • divorce
  • motivation
  • depression
  • phobias
  • bereavement
  • debt
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