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Welcome to my site on telephone counselling. I am Jan and I offer telephone counselling sessions through these difficult times.
I have been counselling clients for over 20 years so I've plenty of experience in offering support and talking about issues and emotions that you may be going through just now.

If you need help and support or even just to discuss what's going on in your life right now, give me a call.
I am happy to offer an initial chat free of charge.

Regards, Jan
01636 892460

Telephone Counselling and how it works

You arrange a session on the phone with one of our counsellors just as if you were actually going to visit their premises or place of practice for therapy. Only your session will be by phone.
The advantage for you is that there is no travelling time involved, and depending on where you live, that could save up to 2 hours of your working day.
Also, you could be travelling on a particular day to another place but this need not
interrupt your sessions. All you have to do it find a place you are happy to sit down and talk on the phone, where you will not be interrupted.


We provide telephone counselling for a wide range of problems including:

  • anxiety
  • health
  • relationships /marital
  • work/career
  • stress
  • illness and disability
  • parenting issues
  • redundancy & retirement
  • emotional
  • alcohol & drug abuse
  • divorce
  • motivation
  • depression
  • phobias
  • bereavement
  • debt

Do you offer free Counselling?

The NHS offers a free counselling service, although it may take some time before they can set you up for a series of sessions.
You don't even need your GP to refer you. You can refer yourself and keep it totally confidential from your GP if y so choose

Will you be able to help me deal with my emotions?

The first step in working with you will be to help build a relationship of trust in which you feel secure in sharing your issues. This will give a strong grounding from which to share emotions which my be troubling you.

What support should I expect from talking with you?

If you pick a suitable therapist, you can expect very helpful support throughout your sessions.
It is important that you feel this bond in therapy because the more you share about yourself the more likely you will be to have a successful outcome.
As in any relationship, it takes time to develop this trust but it is an important stepping stone in working through your issues.

How much does it cost to have Counselling?

What you pay depends on the training & skills of your therapist.
Skills and training range from diploma level to masters training through to those who have had very specialised training.
Senior psychotherapists who hold BABCP accreditation or a PhD, can cost up to £100 per session.

Telephone Counselling

In addition to telephone counselling for individuals, through Resolve our corporate online counselling and training business, we are able to provide emotional support for both public and private sector organisations.

If you are a Human Resources or Personnel Manager, there will be times when support either on a short term or a long term basis may be appropriate for one or more of your employees.

We can also provide a complete range of Human Relations and Counselling skills training courses. welisten Telephone Counselling is part of the Resolve Group, providers of Counselling, Training and IT Services.

You will find our therapist very welcoming and easy to speak to, no matter what your issue may be. This is due to her skills and experience in counselling of over 20 years and engaging with you and talking about your issue.

For those in the big city please visit my page telephone counselling London 

Today there is far less stigma about needing counselling sessions. How you are coping day to day, is an aspect of your overall mental health and depression can last for a long time. There is no reason why you should not seek help, whatever is going on in your life.

There are many methods therapists use according to their preference and the most effective therapy is to choose one that works best for you.

Particular approaches can be very effective in dealing with mental health.  An initial discussion is for you to talk about how you see yourself, your thoughts and your feelings.

You can rest assured that our privacy policy is firmly in place in order to ensure you feel totally secure when you are working with us.

Whatever therapy you choose, how you relate to your therapist is the most important factor in how effective the outcome will be. It is my approach to ensure that you feel totally supported and fully listened to during our work together.

Counselling sessions are usually arranged over so many weeks or months, in order that you gain the most.

Just telephone me on 01636 892460 for an introductory chat on the phone.