Telephone counselling London

As a local therapist in the Midlands I am able to offer very attractive terms for those living in London seeking counselling. I regularly work with people by phone in London and have had many successful clients who I've helped with their issues over many years.

Sessions can be 30 mins or a full hour depending on your needs.
One of the great advantages in telephone rather than face-to-face, is there is no travelling time involved. It also has the built in advantage of not requiring a pre-booked room for your session.

Some of my clients prefer the part- anonymity of telephone sessions as client and therapist are usually not geographically close, and confidentiality is therefore more secure. I am bound by my profession to offer a strict privacy policy when working with you.

If you prefer a short call before committing to a session to see how comfortable you would feel working together,  please feel free to give me  call.

Your sessions may single or a group of sessions over a longer period. This is something you and I will be able to discuss on a call, after we have talked a little. There is no set solution that fits all people. If you prefer a fixed number of calls, we can discuss that and have an assessment at the end to see how you feel about either ending or continuing.

Our work together will develop as you feel more comfortable and able to open up to thoughts and feelings  affecting your life. Often work you carry out outside of these sessions can be part of your process and the weekly or fortnightly times we have together, will from part of your overall process.

If you are new to counselling, you should know that there will be moments when you will find our discussions painful. This is part of the process and is very much worth the effort, because the results are life changing. Confidentiality helps my clients be totally open and honest about their very innermost feelings and which, in turn, leads to resolving them and allowing them to live a fuller and richer life.



We provide telephone counselling for a wide range of problems including:

  • anxiety
  • health
  • relationships /marital
  • work/career
  • stress
  • illness and disability
  • parenting issues
  • redundancy & retirement
  • emotional
  • alcohol & drug abuse
  • divorce
  • motivation
  • depression
  • phobias
  • bereavement
  • debt