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The Pyschology of Instagram

One of the biggest facilitators for people seeking and maintaining new relationships is social media, including Instagram.
With so many making use of instant connections and conversations, it is not surprising that the media is also blamed when things go wrong.
As therapists, our aim is to separate the motivation you have to use social media and your responsibilities for making the conversations happen in the first place. Social media does not make you go on a date nor start a conversation. Your needs as a person are what direct your actions. Focusing on the most constructive way of communicating or posting pictures, is more likely to help.

One of the more negative influences is watching what others are doing, what they are posting and what claims they are making. This can have a very negative influence on your self-worth if you believe everything you read.
This increases when you get into the compulsive habit of checking Instagram several times per day.
It’s not the platform’s fault. It’s something only you can do for yourself.  Have a very clear picture of the type of relationship you are seeking and what your minimum safety standards are.  As always, these measures depend on you.  Taking risks here has the effect of holding yourself with low self-esteem. Your safety matters and so does your aspiration to finding the type of relationship you want.

At We Listen our aim in telephone counselling is to help you develop and, maintain a healthy level of self-respect.  You need to value yourself and to feel very confident in sticking to what is and is not acceptable in any contact you make on the internet.
Having this in place is a major step forward.

There are many tales of failed dates and relationships where people, are very disappointed. Unfortunately the internet’s convenience makes it very easy for people to lie or misdirect those looking for an on-going quality relationship. Looking for someone makes you vulnerable and it is important that you set your own standards at the start.

Before you invest anything of yourself, you can make the whole experience more positive if you set and keep to your own standards. This is far more likely if you maintain your self-respect and more likely to help you achieve what you want.

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